Energy Action for AFA Members event


    Who is Energy Action and what can they do for your business

    The AFA is pleased to introduce Energy Action to AFA Members. 

    In this briefing, EA provides an update on the State of the Energy market to demystify the current ‘energy crisis’ and what impacts it will have for clients when it comes to re-contracting energy solutions now, or in the future.

    Key themes

    State of the energy market – Energy Crisis!

    What that means for businesses across Australia and our recommendations on how to navigate the rising cost of power.

    Energy Action can provide a personalised company overview and energy management, reduction, and procurement options.


    Top Tips

    • Energy prices across the NEM have dropped by 20% this month, future years pricing for Cal 2023 are quite high, while Cal 2024 and 2025 are really low. For any business that has a contract expiring in 12-18 months, we recommend taking advantage of these lower rates now in a volatile market and locking in a longer 24–36-month contract to average out the pricing.
    • Depending on the electricity retailer and state, sites classified as “SME” (Small to Medium Enterprise”) are not necessarily locked into electricity contracts meaning you can swap and change your retailer without exits fees. It’s always good to shop around, check the contract status with your retailer, or send a copy of your bill and contract to Rachael for advice.
    • Energy Action can provide you with pricing advice and opportunities based on your business’s procurement need and market adjustments.

    Listen to an overview of the services and products that Energy Action offer and will have a better understanding of the causes of the current market spikes, future trends and how to best protect their business from massive price increases.

    About The Presenter

    Rachael is a Business Development Manager and has over 5 years’ experience working in the energy industry specialising in electricity and gas procurement, Solar, LED and Energy Management and Net Zero.

    Rachael has lived and worked throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East during her time in various roles.

    She is very passionate about helping companies find the best solutions to meet their energy goals and enjoys working with companies that want to make a difference and support innovation and navigation of renewable energy.