Energy Action is a Climate Active certified independent energy partner for over 7,000 Australian businesses.

We’re here to help our clients along the journey towards their greener future while delivering energy savings today. We’ve partnered with the AFA to help their members take control of their energy needs and navigate their journey towards Net Zero at least cost.

With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we use technology to make clients’ energy simpler, cleaner and cost less

We make energy simpler–by providing data and insights to identify emissions that can be prevented and the money that can be saved.

We make energy cleaner – Net Zero is part of our DNA. We develop strategies to help our clients reach their Net Zero targets.

We make energy cost less –by combining technology and market experience. We reduce contract costs through competitive tension and manage your ongoing costs.

Our services include:

Request for Proposals (RFP): Available for standard electricity and our renewable energy. We take your detailed energy portfolio and turn it into a clear buying proposition. We then invite up to 15 of Australia’s retailers to submit tenders in a manner that encourages highly-competitive offers.
Reverse Auction: Our live reverse energy buying auctions create competitive tension to give you the best possible price on that day. On average our reverse auctions generate a 20% savings difference between first and last bids.

Index Pricing: in volatile market conditions, not all businesses are willing or able to take the best price on a day. An alternative approach to consider is index pricing via one of our partners. We help you choose a supply partner and an agreed margin. From there, you progressively fix your price for an upcoming contract period, subject to the market movement. You can lock in when you are ready.

Energy Reporting: Our energy reporting service allows you to view all your bills for all sites in one place. You can track usage, spend and carbon emissions for an individual site, or the entire portfolio.

Green Auctions: Green Auction contracts are similar in length to fossil-fuel-based contracts –about 2 to 5 years. This means you get the benefits of a corporate power-purchase agreement (fixed price, fixed term) –coupled with the simplicity of a standard electricity supply agreement.

Solar for Business: Our solar auctions effectively puts your roof up for tender, creating competition among suppliers looking to win your solar contract.

Net Zero Pathways: Lower your emissions with our 5 step Process. Measure your usage and emissions, consider your emission reduction options, review least cost procurement and get ongoing management.

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