In December 2022, the Australian Government introduced changes to the Fair Work Act.

Rolling out in 2023 the Secure Jobs; Better Pay legislation will transform the way that Australian Furniture Association members manage employment relations, specifically with changes to –

  • Pay secrecy, job ads and flexible work

  • Gender equality measures and small claims process
  • Enterprise agreements and enterprise bargaining
  • Abolition of the ABCC and the ROC

The Key Start Dates for the changes that will be rolled out can be found in the link below – Workplace Changes Summary. And in the latest WiFM series, Richard Thompson, principal of Archer Thompson spoke with the Australian Furniture Association to discuss how these changes will impact AFA members and when they will come into effect.

According to Richard Thompson, “There are significant changes to the employer’s obligation as financial penalties will apply against non-compliant employers.”

The two major changes in the legislation include greater enforcement of Sexual Harassment and Fixed Term Contracts.

Under the new Secure Jobs; Better Pay legislation, from December 2023, employers will no longer be able to have their employees on a fixed term contract that is for 2 or more years (including extensions) or where the contract is substantially similar to the previous contract.

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