’Strength in Numbers’

’Strength in Numbers’

AFA Member Virtual Meetings – Hosted by Nicole Wells, Company Director – Hypersonic.

About this event

Have you ever felt that you are constantly battling uphill with your business? AFA Member and Company Director Nicole Wells hosts this AFA Virtual Meeting on the power of collaboration in a world where markets, technologies, suppliers, regulations… in fact, nothing stays the same.

At the start of the new financial year in 2015, Hypersonic Industries was reborn when husband and wife team Nicole and Matthew Wells took over full ownership of the Australian Made Steel Furniture Manufacturing Company. The business has been in the Wells family since the early 70’s and was owned by brother (Matthew) and sister (Melissa) for 10 years. Nicole’s background had included Retail store management as well as Quality, Safety and Environmental Systems Management in both large manufacturing and Private Health. 5 years later and Hypersonic Industries continues to grow with a focus on modern design in both the Retail and Commercial furniture markets.

Discussion points:

‘I really look forward to hosting this online event. As a relatively new Company Director in furniture manufacturing I have always felt a desire to be more connected with others within the industry. I see our industry as being a vast resource of collective experiences and information rather than ‘the competition’ and believe we can add much value in each other’s work/life experience based on this notion.

I am confident we must experience many of the same ups and downs and there can be so much value in being able to share these stories amongst our peers. I would love to develop relationships so that we can reach out to discuss our experiences when exploring new technologies, opportunities and matters relating to all aspects of our businesses.

Being a Mum to 3 young children as well as Co-Company Director with my husband presents unique challenges and I know I’m not alone! I would love to connect with others in similar situations and those who have already travelled this road. Now more than ever, connection and community provides a great deal of comfort and I believe we can create this within the membership of the Australasian Furnishing Association.

I look forward to hosting this first AFA Member virtual event and meeting you.’ Nicole Wells